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Our Story

   Years of Roasting Coffee an Brewing Fine Tea   

Our original blends are hand selected exotic beans, all of which have great characteristics by themselves, but when we put them together,they complement each other perfectly. We have created a smooth tasty cup without over-roasting and killing all the origins of the beans.  Lighter?  Darker? A bit of both? We also offer single origins for those who like to change it up.  These beans we have, may come an go depending on availability and harvest times. so we may offer the freshest coffee from the farm to roasting and to your brewer   So, order them now before  they go away.  We also offer personal blending and special roasting as well.


We are a small batch roaster, we roast our coffee in small batches to ensure the quality in each and every bean, an for freshness after roasting we package them up an ship it off to you. These beans come from very small farms and we like to support the  farms and family's that run them.

We also hand pick each Loose Leaf Tea so we can offer the very best tea available. 

So come with us as we search  for the very best the  world has to offer and together we will discover the best exotic coffee and tea's.

                Welcome to better coffee! and tea! Enjoy!

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